Zettachem Technical Services

At Zettachem International, we provide a comprehensive range of specialist technical services to our customers. Our strengths are summarized as follows:


Adsorption Process Design

Zettachem technical team will provide the whole design package for the adsorption unit on customer's particular adsorption application after receiving the feed characteristics as well as the site technical data/information and give extensive details on design parameters such as (1) unit configuration and beds geometry, (2) adsorbent(s) characteristics (type, size, and weight), (3) cycle times (adsorption, heating, cooling, and standby modes), and (4) regeneration/cooling requirements.

Improving/Optimizing Existing Design

Inappropriate designs as well as any upset or change in process conditions can lead to severe duty and extra challenges to an adsorption unit. Zettachem technical team will review the existing process design and recommend best practical ideas to improve general unit operations, focusing on small changes in the existing unit.

Loading and Unloading Assistance

Zettachem technical team provides detailed product loading and unloading procedures including the special precautions, and will send a technical supervisor to work site for more assistance.

Process Start Up and Performance Testing

In order to handle, start up, and operate the adsorption unit in a safe and appropriate way, Zettachem technical/commissioning team will be on site during the startup and operation phases and will complete all necessary performance tests, warranting that an optimum unit operating status is quickly attained.

Follow-up Technical Service

With the in depth experience of its technical team members, Zettachem will provide consulting services and technical assistance for the adsorption unit operation after commissioning so that competent advice is readily available on site.